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Commercial cleaning and building service contractors in Christchurch

General cleaning of Commercial offices, Council properties, Government departments, Warehouses

As building service contractors, the Deemac team provide a wide range of excellent services in support of commercial businesses.

Our services have focused on the regular scheduled cleaning of offices and properties, to maintain the cleanliness and health of every business in our care, as well as the highest standards of presentation.

We understand that first impressions, as well as ongoing standards of cleanliness and presentation, will say just as much about a business as the staff themselves and the services they offer. This is true whether you own a corporate office, automotive workshop, flower and garden shop, bakeries, and more.

We clean a wide range of offices and buildings for a wide range of industries and residential properties, and we are here to support your reputation and integrity by providing essential cleaning services tailored to your needs.

Grounds Maintenance

Often, a good first impression is provided by the care taken of grounds, as much as the building itself. Our experienced and versatile team apply their time and effort into making sure that the first impression your visitors and clients receive, is one of excellence.

We have provided versatile and professional grounds services for homes, rental properties, restaurants and cafes, business entryways, government departments, deceased estates, and much more.

We offer the following grounds maintenance services:

Sweeping Paths
Sweeping/Clearing Carparks
Waterblasting and Pressure Washing
Collection and removal of leaves
Graffiti Removal
Rubbish collection and removal
Garden tidying and weeding
Mowing Lawns
Cutting Hedges

Contact us for any grounds maintenance services not listed above. We welcome a chat and can provide free quote. If there is anything we cannot do, we can most likely refer you on.

Window Cleaning

For our window cleaning services we offer experienced cleaners and contractors who understand glass and can leave a flawless finish. We clean indoor windows and outdoor windows, from low levels to high. For high level window cleaning we use elevated platforms, adhering to strict safety measures.

We have a pressure wash system for tough jobs, which in our experience have included automotive glass and stubborn caked-on dirt.

If there is a specialist window cleaning service request that we cannot fulfil, because of accessibility or location, we will be able to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Exterior Building and Pressure Washing

We offer professional pressure washing., which is defined at about 1000psi – 1200psi. Comparitively, heavier duty waterblasting is set at around 2000psi – 4000psi. Our pressure washing offers a thorough clean without the risk of damage or breakage.

For a business to really show that it cares about quality and presentation, our building cleans are especially worthwhile. We lift your business profile by providing a full pressure wash, wall scrubdown with waterbrush and full wash, and final pressure rinse. We can even clean work vehicles as required.

Our experienced pressure washing services are most often utilised for:

Garden Paths
Glass Business Frontage
Block and Brick Walls
Business Entrance-ways
Concrete Floors
Residential Carports
Commercial Carparks
Commercial Business Frontage
Commercial Vehicles

Contact us today to discuss a schedule of cleaning and maintenance for your premises.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

We are happy to provide our services as a one-off clean, or on a regularly scheduled basis to meet your needs. We use Carpet cleaning equipment which utilises full hot water extraction and is eco-friendly. We have the equipment and solutions to provide full upholstery cleaning, whatever your needs. Our Technicians are trained to International Standards through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC) www.iicrc.org

Among a wide range of industries we have provided carpet and upholstery cleaning for corporate offices, cafes & restaurants, churches, automotive premises offices and staff areas, government departments and more.

We can design and implement a Carpet Maintenance program for your premises which takes into account usage, soiling potential and traffic volumes. Carpet is effectively a filter, trapping bacteria, dust mites, dirt, odours and more. Like any other filter, reguar vacuum cleaning is effective, but a well-designed maintenance program showing cleaning types and frequencies will extend the life of your carpet and ensure the health of your family or staff.

We welcome your carpet cleaning enquiries to provide a free quote.

Specialist Flood and Fire Restoration Services

If you have major damage to your home or business, we are here to offer a wide range of restoration cleaning services to make your place like new. Fire damage may include smoke damage to furnishings, carpet and flooring. We have the knowledge and equipment to restore a smoke damaged home to new.

We welcome all enquiries for our specialist flood restoration and fire restoration services, where we can clearly assess and advise on the viability of restoration of building and contents, and provide estimates on the work required.

We pride ourselves on clear communication and would be happy to create a full plan of action, and detailing work to be undertaken, to your full satisfaction. Our flood and fire restoration services are carried out in accordance with International Standards

Flood and fire restoration services may include:

Drying of carpets, furnishings, walls
Removal of fire damaged items, including furnishings and carpets.
Odour elimination for smoke damage.
Complete clean of furnishings.
Off-site cleaning of items as required.
Furniture cleaning and restoration.
Structural cleaning, including walls, doors, ceilings.

One-off and Special Cleans

We have staff with many years experience in very involved cleaning work which have included sensitive cleaning situations, from crime scenes to accidents. With our experience in this area we can assure our customers that we have the experience and professionalism to tackle a variety of one-off and special cleans.

One-off and special cleans may involve sanitising and decontamination, hard floor and vinyl cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, pressure washing, or any combination of our extensive range of services.

We welcome any enquiries to discuss and provide a carefully laid out plan and qutoe for your one off cleans and special cleans.

build clean

Builders Clean and Earthquake Repair Cleans

With a Deemac Services builders clean you can be assured we will remove all signs of building work. For builders, this can streamline their services, allowing them to get on with the building work, and move on to the next job, while being able to provide the site owner with inspections that have had the benefit of our cleaning services, as well as a final overall building that is spotlessly clean.

We have worked with a variety of building companies, providing professional cleaning services for a range of projects including rubbish removal and clean up after new builds, cleaning of restoration projects and building extensions, cleaning after earthquake repairs and earthquake rebuilds.

We understand that a cleanly presented finished project can make all the difference to the owner, and a world of difference to a builders reputation.

Consumable Supply and Hygiene Services

Many offices are short on space for the storage of basic consumables, so as a part of Deemac Services we supply a wide range of consumables that can either be delivered separately, or simply re-stocked as a part of our regular cleaning services.

We supply the following consumables and hygiene services:

Rubbish bags & bin liners
Toilet rolls - from single rolls to jumbo rolls
Paper hand towels
Soaps and Sanitisers
Auto air fresh systems
Feminine Hygiene
Tea towel/hand towel linen services
Matting systems
Café supplies
Cleaning products


Recycling Management

We understand that businesses are busy, and the management of rubbish, though essential, falls low in the priority of tasks that must be completed each week. For just this reason we offer a recycling management service where we collect recycling, remove it from your home or office location, sort it at our own premises, and deliver it to a local recycling station.

It is important to us to do our part in making New Zealand a waste-free and sustainable country, and we welcome the task of assuring that your recycling is conveniently removed and disposed of responsibly.

We have a keen understanding of which waste items can and can’t be recycled, and can advise on what we recycle. All items for recycling are sorted by us, giving you the peace of mind to know that you are doing your part for a cleaner, green New Zealand.

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