Deemac Environmental Commitment

TreeAt Deemac Services we understand that caring for the environment is critical, and as such we take a strong stance on protecting the environment. We are committed to participating in Environmental programs to reduce waste, safely dispose of wastewater and to use environmentally and user friendly products to both protect the environment and also the health and safety of our team and the general public.

We always adhere to our Customers Environmental policies and work with them to establish, encourage and increase re-cycling programs and waste reduction.

We take steps to ensure we are always using the best possible options with equipment and cleaning solutions.

Examples of products and processes we use to reduce negative environmental impact include:

  • Natural Citrus based cleansers
  • Micro-fibre cleaning technology to reduce and eliminate chemical usage
  • Hi-Tech Hot Water Extraction machinery for carpet cleaning producing high heat that reduces chemical and water usage and dries carpets faster limiting the “wet dog” smell and minimize the potential for mould growth.
  • Using Vacuum cleaner systems that are both low noise and have efficient filtration systems.
  • Containing airborne dust and other particulates by maintaining vacuum cleaner filters and replacing as necessary. Using static dusters to hold dust, rather than re-distribute it.
  • Disposal of wastewater in accordance with local authority regulations and accepted practice, ensuring no wastewater containing chemicals reaches stormwater systems.
  • All chemicals clearly labelled and stored safely. Correct dilution rates are adhered to.
  • Recycling plans are implemented to minimise waste to landfill.
  • Non-recyclable rubbish is kept to a minimum and compacted as much as possible (eg no half full bags disposed of) to reduce volume in landfills.
  • Vehicles operated by Deemac Services are regularly serviced to ensure the lowest possible emissions.
  • Options to reduce electricity consumption such as day cleaning and floor by floor cleaning are discussed with our customers and implemented where possible

Recycling and Waste Management

We gladly provide a recycling service, providing rubbish bags specifically for recycling, removing all recycling, sorting recycling at our own premises, and taking recycling to a local recycling centre. For more information visit our Services page.